Woman's Body Illustration
Woman's Body Illustration
Woman's Body Illustration
Woman's Body Illustration

Lifestyle AF combines the consensual non-monogamous lifestyle and BDSM/Kink world with the sacred feminine awakening that is currently upon us. Womb'n all over the world are being called to expand, become liberated in their own bodies and sexuality. To take sovereignty of their pleasure and desires. This space is to support and guide you through this journey.

Nicole Harlot, Womb Guide and Feminine Sage, is a wife within the ENM Lifestyle, Mother of 3 and Creatress. She holds many certifications in Womb Healing, Energy Work, Subconscious Reprogramming and Somatic Practices- all of which she uses within her events, programs and products to further support and guide womb'n in their own pathways.

Pleasure, Expansion, and Liberation within the realm of Sensuality and Sexuality are some of her favorite areas to explore for herself and others.

Additionally, if you want to RECEIVE even more- she has some freebies like "Pressing Your Sexy Button" and "Confidence Booster" Audios that can be found below.

non-monogamy & the feminine

Being able to lean into your expansiveness is your natural flow of energy. As womb'n we are anything but linear- we are free and wild. So exploring the consensual non-monogamous or polyamorous lifestyle is actually more in alignment with your natural or "normal" than the societal construct of being with only one person.

I am currently writing a journal to support the initial entranceway into this world for Womb'n, and Mothers.

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This community is about trust, beauty, responsiveness, communication and learning a threshold that you hold within your body. Its a deep somatic practice that involves a large amount of faith within yourself and your partner. The world is exploratory and exhilarating but full of compassion and sensuality. Personally, I am very new but see so much correlation to the work that I have been doing over the last five years and the limited experiences and training I have had within this space. I would love for you to join me as I deepen my own experiences within the BDSM/Kink world. Learn along with me for just $5.55 per month.

BSDM & the feminine

Red Whip for Erotic Purposes
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wear it proudly.

From Wine Tumblers & Water Bottles to bring to Lifestyle Clubs to Cozy sweatshirts and tanks to pack for your Lifestyle Vacations. Take a peak at the Lifestyle AF Merchandise on my Etsy Shop (Please note: I have multiple businesses and other products are available with this same link, specific to Mothers/Babies and Womb'n in general). I appreciate your support and if you want to customize anything or have a suggestion for a product you are seeking, feel free to reach out.

I am also a Master Practitioner and Trainer of many modalities that will support you in many ways that are complimentary to your explorations of self and your relationships within this space. They can guide you in Releasing guilt, shame and fear within your body and mind. Reconnect to your physical self and intimate areas. Reclaim your feminine power from past traumas and conditions. And rise with your partner and collective sisterhood who feels the same call as you do. If you're interested in working with me one on one or receiving access to resources and courses. Schedule some time to chat!

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